About Hayman’s

Country of origin: England

Established: 1863

Hayman’s make award-winning English gin the original way, just as they always have. Their ginealogy dates back over 150 years, making them the only family of original English gin makers still distilling today.  The key to their coveted recipe is a trusted blend of 10 botanicals.

Their gins are all made by hand to individual and original recipes in their traditional copper pot still “Marjorie” (named after Christopher’s mother), who lives in a small English town to the north east of London. They’re then blended and bottled at the same location, which means they can personally ensure that each and every bottle meets Hayman standards.

Since James and Miranda Hayman joined their father Christopher Hayman in the family business at the start of the new millennium, their focus has been on using their knowledge and experience to make traditional gins that they knew could be loved as much today as they once were. From Hayman’s Old Tom to their Family Reserve Gin, which took a year to get just right, they are proud to have been the first distillers to introduce a range of different gin styles. All made to original family recipes in their copper pot still, Marjorie.

Even the distinctive bottle you might recognise today has a tale to tell. Its design was inspired by an original, old gin bottle that had been safely tucked away in Christopher’s office for years, just waiting to be found.