About Lowlander Beer

Country of origin: Netherlands

Established: 2015

The first Lowlander beers were first bottled in December 2015 in their home country, the Netherlands. The name ‘Netherlands’ is derived from the Dutch word ‘Neder’ meaning ‘Low’. The Lowlands are the lands actually under the water – in Amsterdam close to six meters under sea level. With the constant threat of the water, there was only one thing for it…conquer it!

The Lowlanders ended up all over the world; and what came back from these far away lands were precious cargos of herbs and spices.  With the abundance of botanicals available, it wasn’t long before beers were brewed with botanicals rather than hops to give flavour.  Lowlander beers continues this tradition of brewing with botanicals delivering experimental, full flavoured easy-drinking refreshment.It took 18 long months of trial and error to perfect the recipes but Lowlander beers eventually ended up with three distinct flavours, all of which boast their own personality.

Lowlander beers are inspired by the rich history of Dutch brewing combined with a passion for distilling. The Golden Age saw Dutch explorers travel the globe and return home with cargos brimming with precious herbs and spices. These botanicals soon made their way into Dutch beer, adding extra flavour.  Lowlander’s “Chief Botanical Officer”, Frederik Kampman, worked for years, both at home and abroad, in breweries and gin and genever distilleries. He says, “I entered the world of distilling and fell in love with botanicals. As a beer-lover I grew curious about what kind of characters these special flavours could give to beer.” And so the idea of beers brewed with botanicals was born.