About Mr. Black

Country of origin: AUSTRALIA

Established: 2012


Mr Black is a Cold Press Coffee Liqueur.

Established in 2012 in Australia, which is often cited as having the most innovative coffee cultures in the world, Mr Black was created by designer Tom Baker and Philip Moore, one of Australia’s highest awarded distillers.  The two men were united by a love of bitter, black beverages and joined forces to make Mr Black – a dark and decadent spirit with an unadulterated kick.

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait and with Mr Black, that’s certainly the case. The process to make Mr Black is a slow one.

The coffee – single origin Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea are chosen for their distinctive flavours to create a house blend.

Low and slow – cold extraction produced a full-flavoured coffee without the acidity and eye-squinting bitterness of an espresso.

Cold press – a basket press is used to extract the rich liquid from inside the coffee infusion.  Time consuming, yes, but worth every minute.

Coffee over spirit – the cold press coffee is blended with pure Australian grain spirit, which allows the rich flavour of the coffee blend to shine through.

Every process in the making of Mr Black is handled at the tiny distillery on the central coast of Australia; from the sourcing of the coffee beans to the grinding of the coffee and the bottling of Mr Black (300 bottles at a time).  This process, laid down by Tom and Philip, ensures that they are producing the best tasting Mr Black day in, day out.

Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur

Mr Black is a cold press coffee liqueur – no heat, just a lot of time. It’s a painstakingly slow way to make coffee, but it works: Big coffee flavour without the eye-squinting bitterness of espresso.

Mr Black is available in 70cl and 50cl and has a 25% ABV.

Mr Black is entirely cold-extracted with no addition of flavouring, caramels or vanillas.  The cold extraction used to make Mr Black – 23 degrees in the case of Mr Black – results in a less acidic brew with a rounder mouthfeel and a big coffee flavour – perfect for creating a liqueur that stands up to blending with spirits, which is exactly what Mr Black does.

The bottle that houses Mr Black is also a work of art. Literally.  On the back of the bottle is an illustration from Australian artist, Dale Bigeni which details a striking owl design. The further you explore the depths of this dark, delicious liquid, more of the bottle design is revealed.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Black

Aroma: Overwhelming fresh espresso

Body: Bitter yet balanced, Chocolate and caramel. Fine citrus edge

Finish: Toffee. Marmalade. Coffee ’til the end

Think of Mr Black as cocktail-ketchup for dark spirits and stirred cocktails. It makes a number of classic cocktails better; think a Negroni made with Mr Black; a Black Old Fashioned or blend Mr Black 50:50 with whisky, mezcal, tequila or rum for a small demonstration of what coffee can bring to mixed drinks.


Serving suggestions

Signature Drink

Espresso Martini


30ml Mr Black
30ml Vodka (or dark rum or tequila)
30ml Espresso
10ml Simple Syrup


Add ingredients and shake it like you stole it. I mean it. Shake it hard. Very hard. Don’t be a monster, double strain it. If you’ve got to make more than one in an evening, pre-batch your sugar and espresso.

Coffee Negroni


20ml Mr Black
20ml Gin
15ml Campari
10ml Sweet Vermouth


Stir with ice. Strain over fresh ice. Garnish with a twist.

“Big, bad, bitter Italian apertif made good with cold press Australian coffee liqueur.”


Spiced Iced Coffee


45ml Mr Black
15ml Spiced Rum
10ml Agave Syrup / Simple Syrup
60ml Milk


Add ice, Mr Black, Spiced & Agave to a latte glass. Pour the milk over, take a photo for instagram, hashtag #coffeemarble and watch the likes roll in.

Gin & Tonic + Coffee


15ml Mr Black
10ml Gin
90ml Fever Tree Tonic


You already know how to make this – it’s a gin and tonic, but with coffee.  Pep  the drink up by considering a coffee cup or lavish garnish.

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