Hayman’s Sloe Gin

To make Hayman’s Sloe Gin, Hayman’s follow a long-standing family recipe to make this rich, ruby red liqueur that’s bursting with smooth and intense fruit flavours.

You really do have to taste Sloe Gin to believe it. Theirs has intense plummy aromas, hints of almond nuttiness, and delicious fruity flavours all come together in perfect balance. Leaving you charmed by the complex finish and a delightful warmth that stays with you.

26% ABV 70cl

There’s a gentle art to making our Sloe Gin, which is essential in achieving just the right balance of berries and gin. Hayman’s steep sloe berries with Hayman’s Gin carefully for several months before blending with natural sugars. Always by hand, of course.

It’s this refined process that ensures your experience will be one reminiscent of drinking the traditional Sloe Gin that was popular in cocktails and as a winter warmer in the 1800s.

Try neat with a wedge of lime as an aperitif. Or with sparkling wine for something a little more special.

Serving suggestions

Signature Drink

Sloe Royale


25ml Hayman’s Sloe Gin
75ml Champagne (or Prosecco)




Pour 25ml of Hayman’s Sloe gin into a chilled champagne flute and top up with fresh, chilled champagne.  Settle the sloe at the bottom of the champagne and garnish with summer berries.

Sloe Gin Fizz


50ml Hayman’s Sloe Gin
30ml Fresh Lemon Juice
30ml Sugar
Soda water


Pour all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Top up with soda water. Garnish with a lemon slice.

Sloe Gin Toddy


30ml Hayman’s Sloe Gin
1 tsp honey
4 whole cloves
Pinch of cinnamon
Hot water
Whole orange


Add the honey and spices to a heat proof glass or mug. Pour in hot water leaving room for the Sloe Gin. Add the Sloe Gin and squeeze in orange, stir until the honey is melted. Serve with a cinnamon stick to garnish.

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