Lowlander Beer I.P.A

Who gives a monkey?  Dutch seafarers returning from the East would often bring back monkeys, which they would sell to tavern keepers to pay off drinking debts. Lowlander’s I.P.A, with its hints of botanicals and spice, is a tribute to those sailors’ spirits of adventure and quick thinking.

Inspiration – Lowlander Beer love IPA’s and set about making their own; an ‘Indonesian’ IPA, inspired by the travels of the Dutch to the East and using the rich botanicals found in these faraway lands.

Brewed with:
•    Coriander – adds freshness and a spice note to the beer
•    White Tea – gives an aromatic sweetness and a lingering finish

Key facts:
•   Malts: Malted barley and oats
•   Botanicals: Coriander, White Tea and Hops
•   Colour: Pale gold
•   Taste: Citrus, fruit, bitter with a refreshing lingering spice
•   Food Pairings: Asian or spicy food

ABV: 6%