Lowlander Beer Poorter

You say ‘Porter’. We say ‘Poorter.’

Some say the beer known as ‘Porter’ is of Dutch Origin.  ‘Poorter’ was long favoured by hard-working labourers for its hearty and refreshing taste.  Lowlander’s Poorter celebrates the haul of exotic botanicals by Poorters from the dockside into Amsterdam warehouses.  Climb aboard!

Inspiration -Whether the Poorter was or wasn’t originally born in the Lowlands, when conceiving theirs, Lowlander Beer wanted a robust Porter, with the addition of both vanilla and liquorice (a long favoured flavour in the Lowlands) to create something smooth, bold and unapologetically Dutch.

Brewed with:
•    Liquorice root – brings a unique depth of earthiness and sweetness
•    Vanilla – used for valuable sweetness

Key facts:
•    Malts: (Malted) barley (Black, Caramel, Chocolate)
•    Botanicals: Liquorice roots, Vanilla and Hops
•    Colour: Black
•    Taste: Robust intenseness and depth with a sweet finish
•    Food Pairings: Pair with roasted or grilled meats or (chocolate) desserts

ABV: 6%