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Conker Coffee Liqueur

The coffee liqueur for true coffee lovers. No flavourings or imitation – just Grade 1 forest grown speciality Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, a touch of demerara sugar and distilled British wheat spirit.

A tribute to the dramatic jammy fruitiness of our Grade 1 natural processed coffees. Precisely roasted to deliver a bold coffee with liquorice and cocoa, whilst enhancing natural vanillas and hints of stone fruits and caramel.

70cl / 35cl / 5cl – 22% ABV

Serving suggestions
The Duchess Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic

Make this without the pain

Espresso Martini


Removes the need for the coffee machine; slashing time, guaranteeing consistency and quality. A game changer in the on trade and for mixing up at home with ease.

70ml Conker Coffee Liqueur
30ml Chilled Water


Simply shake Conker Cold Brew and water over ice.

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