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Wee Heavy

The newest addition to Einstök’s core range is Wee Heavy, which is brewed in the style of a Scotch Ale.

The idea to create a Scotch Ale wasn’t just happenstance.  Viking history in Scotland dates back to 700AD and Einstök’s brew master, Baldur Karason studied at brewing science at Heriot-Watt which is situated in Scotland

Wee Heavy is made using Icelandic barley which has been smoked using birch and has been sustainably harvested from Iceland’s largest forest.  Another ingredient used in the beer is hand-picked angelica which adds a subtle and delicate flavour.

Angelica was used by Vikings as currency and was used both in cooking and for its mystical and medicinal powers. It was such as coveted herb that early Icelandic laws stated that theft of angelica from someone else’s patch could result in being outlawed from the clan.  Fear not though, Einstök will gladly share theirs with you now.
8% ABV


You are greeted by the rich color, creamy head, a sweet malt aroma and a hint of the smokiness delivered by the birch.  The malty richness and caramel notes hit the tongue, with savory smoke coming later.

Food Pairings:

Perfect with grilled or roasted lamb, beef and pork, smoked salmon and aged or smoked cheeses. Transition to bread pudding, anything with chocolate and creamy fruit offerings. Or, simply enjoy with a cigar, and count your blessings.