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Rose Water

THE BITTER TRUTH ROSE Water is a non-alcoholic seasoning for drinks and food made with natural rose blossoms.

Scientists have been distilling blossoms to gain precious fragrances for centuries. By using the method of steam distillation, essential oil for perfumes was created and, as a by-product, condensed water was also was flavoured with the aroma of the blossoms.

While the oil was mainly used as perfume, the blossom-water became an indispensable ingredient in many drinks and dishes especially in the Arabic world.

The Bitter Truth Rose Water is only flavoured with organic blossoms of roses. After the intricate distillation process and a short rest period the entire floral aroma unfolds. The scent of the Rose Water is flowery and very natural. Since it’s very intense it should be used advisedly.

It can be combined with all kinds of clear spirits and fruit liqueurs including cocktails such as the Rosewater Rickey and the Rose Margarita.

In Indian and Arabian cuisine Rose Water is also used to season many dishes and desserts.

The Bitter Truth Rose Water is available in 12.5cl