Brighton Gin Seaside Strength – Love Drinks

Brighton Gin Seaside Strength

Our Brighton Gin Seaside Strength has dropped anchor for good time gulls and buoys everywhere.

This hand made, small batch British craft gin offers a cascade of zesty citrus on the nose with hints of candied orange, brilliantly bold juniper and notes of spice too. At 57% vol, it’s big, butch and bold, but it’s surprisingly light on its feet too.

It’s rich, creamy and deliciously smooth and satisfying, perfect for sipping neat or drinking with your favourite tonic and a wheel of lime for waves of refreshing flavour. It’s also versatile in a range of cocktails.

In true Brighton Gin tradition, each bottle is filled, waxed and labelled by hand, topped off with our distinctive wax seal in Brighton Seafront Blue.