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15 Year Old Demerara Rum

EL DORADO 15YR OLD Demerara Rum is a medium depth of gold. It has a full nose packed with dark coffee, candied orange, almonds, dark chocolate, pepper and rich vanilla; it’s beautifully rounded with great spread of flavours across the mouth, a lush and almost chewy mouth-feel with deep, rich underlying fruit and an oaky spiciness– magnificent, long and well ordered!

43% ABV 70cl

The 15 year old rum is a blend of 2 column stills (one of which is the world’s only wooden Coffey still) and 2 unique, wooden pot stills.

El Dorado 15 year old has won more medals than the years it has spent in the barrel – including ‘Best Rum in the World’ for a record seven years at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, Platinum Award at the Caribbean Rum Taste Test and 96/100 at the Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute with a special ‘Connoisseurs Choice’ Award.

Serving suggestions
The Duchess Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic

Signature Drink

Straight Up


El Dorado 15 year old Demerara Rum


Serve straight up and savour!

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