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The Importance of Connecting with Others

Whether its friends, family or a well-loved pet we understand at Love Drinks the importance of connecting with others. Keeping the mind active and responsive rather than isolated develops the human mind to explore, love and create. There is no guideline to how building relationships with others matters, everyone in this world has their own … Continue reading “The Importance of Connecting with Others”


Stay Grounded

“If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.” ~Unknown Working remotely has been one of the biggest challenges that I have undertaken in my career. Naturally a team player, I have been thrust into ‘lone wolf’ territory. Lots of people have said to me I … Continue reading “Stay Grounded”


How Important Is Your Morning To You?

We often live our lives in a cycle of routine, still bespoke to yourself it often has similar guidelines to the next person. Wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed and of course that essential coffee. The day goes by and soon we forget what day it even is as they quickly roll into months … Continue reading “How Important Is Your Morning To You?”



Almost hard to believe that we’re already done with one month of 2019. #DryJanuary aka #Veganuary is over and it’s time to put abstinence back in its box for a while and kick things into top gear. In the name of this ridiculous trend of rebranding all months, as well as the ones in January … Continue reading “#FitnessFebruary”


What is Happiness?

  Now that’s a question that philosophers, academics, self-help gurus and marketing execs have been wrestling with for millennia. According to Paul Dolan, in his book, Happiness by Design, happiness is experiences of pleasure and purpose over time. We are all aware of the happiness that those moments of pleasure give us and we can all … Continue reading “What is Happiness?”


Turn Off, Tune In and Drop Out

We’re living through an age of unprecedented technological advancement and it’s extremely exciting. The fact that you’re probably reading this on a device that you can fit in your pocket or bag yet has 100’s of times more computing power than the space shuttle is a testament to the rapid pace of change. Computer algorithms, … Continue reading “Turn Off, Tune In and Drop Out”