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Investing in Mental Wealth

Your brain is the most complicated organ in your body. It’s a staggering biological masterpiece, able to process more information than the most powerful supercomputer all without you having to think about it. It controls every part of your body, allows you to love, and cry, ride a bicycle and imagines the incredible that’s allowed … Continue reading “Investing in Mental Wealth”


Just Breathe

STOP Take a moment Breathe in through your nose Feel the air flow through your nostrils, filling your lungs, your rib cage rising and your diaphragm stretching Hold it for a few seconds Breathe out, again through your nose, emptying your lungs, your rib cage dropping Now close your eyes and hold your breath until you … Continue reading “Just Breathe”



The Power of Nature Nature is amazing. It’s all around us everywhere and can thrive in the most remote and extreme places. Leave even the most toxic of environments, Chernobyl for example, alone for long enough and nature will reclaim them and return them to an abundance of beauty. Our bodies evolved living in nature, in … Continue reading “Nature”