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Kamm & Sons British Aperitif

Kamm & Sons is the quintessential British Aperitif – a ginseng spirit that has fast become a bartender favourite aperitif and brings a uniquely British offering to a market saturated with Italian Aperitivos.

Combining natural ingredients and inspired by the historical use of alcohol as a medicine, Kamm & Sons is packed full of botanicals well-known for their health-boosting properties – the perfect addition to any conscious cocktail list.

It is distilled in London in the same way as gin, but has taken inspiration from the bitter Italian aperitifs and contains a total of 45 natural botanicals such as ginseng, fresh grapefruit peel, manuka honey, elderflower and juniper.

33% ABV 70cl

Serving suggestions
The Duchess Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic


Brit Spritz


35ml Kamm & Sons
15ml Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial
50ml English Sparkling Wine
50ml Soda Water


Pour all ingredients over ice and stir well. Garnish with a wedge of grapefruit and cucumber slice

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