About Matusalem Rum

Country of origin: Cuba

Established: 1872

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The Ron Matusalem story began over a 150 years ago in 1872. Born in Cuba but now produced in the Dominican Republic, the iconic rum brand was one of the most wanted rums during Cuba’s Golden Age. Set up by Benjamín and Eduardo Camp, along with their partner, Evaristo Álvarez, the company is still owned by the 5th generation of the Alvarez family.

Ron Matusalem’s great contribution to the rum category has been to pioneer the use of the solera system, the antique technique used to make Spanish brandy and sherry wines, in rum aging. The toasting of the barrels and careful rum blending is all controlled by the Master Blender, with the founding family´s heritage and tradition.

The microclimate in Dominican Republic and Santiago de Cuba, where the brand first set up business, are quite similar. A key reason why it was chosen to establish the new Ron Matusalem production facility in 2015.