About Neurita Tequila

Country of origin: Mexico

Established: 2021

Website: https://neurita-tequila.com/


Neurita is an award-winning new wave Tequila brand, crafted to be the perfect tequila for the UK’s #1 trending cocktail, Margaritas. It is also the ideal Tequila for Palomas and long-ball cocktails. Neurita works hand in hand with the leading Mexican distillery, Casa Orendain, infusing their Tequila Blanco

with natural fruit extracts to make Tequila mixology deliciously simple. Neurita Margaritas are easy to make with no triple sec needed, making them lower in sugar and easy for quick serve. The delicious liquid is matched by beautifully designed packaging, intended to stand out on the shelf. Neurita Tequila won the World’s Best Flavoured Tequila at the World Tequila Awards 2023. It also received a GOLD award for the Neurita Citrus.

Neurita Tequila is a fresh take on an old classic, we are here to break new life into the world’s number 1 cocktail, the Margarita. Our Tequila range is made from Premium Tequila Blanco sourced from one of the world’s best distilleries in Jalisco, Mexico. Neurita is the new underpin in the modern-day Margarita, a delicious range of Flavoured Tequilas crafted to make a perfect Margarita. Neurita is crafted for Margaritas and mixing.

Neurita sources Tequila directly from the family-run distillery Casa Orendain. Based Jalisco, Mexico. Orendain uses only blue weber agave grown in the Jalisco highlands and distils their tequila via traditional method of roller mill, double distillation and cooked in traditional stone ovens.