About Puerto De Indias

Country of origin: Spain

Established: The Distillery since 1880

Website: Our Gins

It is the story of two Sevillian brothers who, following their intuition and love for their land, who decided to buy one of the oldest distilleries in Andalusia which was about to close: Los Alcores de Carmona, the birthplace of the first Andalusian pacharán.
This is how these two entrepreneurs, even without knowing it, would start, from a small corner in Seville, the biggest revolution in the sector, innovating from tradition.

Puerto de Indias is the world’s first strawberry gin; an original idea that created a new category in the sector. It then became a trend, and has been copied more than 120 times, making waves in more than a hundred countries. With the Torre del Oro as its emblem, innovation and tradition came together in a century-old distillery in Carmona (Seville), keeping the soul of Seville alive and spreading its flavour throughout the world. A gin – pink in colour – that has changed everything, breaking with the colour and flavour codes of a category as conventional and traditional as gin. Puerto de Indias draws from the essence of the south: it is candid and intimate; brave and charismatic; a lover of life. It is innovative and original and has once again put Seville at the centre of a revolution, this time, of gins.

The founders of Puerto de Indias decided one day to macerate natural strawberries in alcohol. In winter this experiment went well, but the Seville heat made the compact strawberries dilute in the alcohol. What at first seemed like a mistake created the pink gin category and the sector’s biggest revolution in the last half century. The high quality of Puerto de Indias is based, to a great extent, on the importance of the designation of origin. 100% of the product is made in the Carmona distillery, which dates back to 1880, making it the most traditional and oldest in Andalusia. It was partially built by a disciple of Eiffel on some old Roman baths with their own spring, which in Arab times served as oil mills. This natural spring water creates microclimatic conditions inside the distillery that, together with the two hundred-year-old copper stills (traditionally used to distil aniseed), make the genuine designation of origin of this pioneering gin possible.

Puerto de Indias is the #2 Flavoured Gin in the world, according to IWSR.