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Cucumber Bitters

The Bitter Truth Cucumber Bitters offer new ways of mixing your favoured spirit by adding unadulterated flavors of green cucumber to your mixed drink – no matter what the season.

These fresh cucumber notes are accompanied by a light bitterness and herbal notes of rosemary, thyme and lingering floral notes of summer blossoms. With a golden amber color, these bitters are peppery, with earthy fruity curious aromas of marinated cucumbers, cracked pepper and fleur de sel and squash finish.

Light and inviting, The Bitter Truth Cucumber Bitters will lift your white spirits to new heights like sunshine in spring and will work fantastically in numerous classic and innovative cocktails and long drinks. Try these bitters in your favorite Pimms`s Cup, Gin & Tonic or in a tasty Garden Cocktail.

39% ABV 20cl.

Fresh green cucumber with grassy notes of herbs de Provence. Light and inviting with aromas of freshly cut cucumber peel and balanced herbal bitter notes.