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Gold Cachaça

ABELHA GOLD CACHAÇA is aged for 3 years in small 250L garapeira wooden barrels, a type of Brazilian Ash. In Brazil, oak (carvalho) doesn’t have the same monopoly on ageing spirits as it does in most of the world. You can find Cachaça aged in a huge variety of woods which each give a totally different character to Cachaça. The ash wood used in making Abelha  Gold Cachaca imparts a beautiful mellow tone to the cachaça. The result is the naturally full-flavoured, well-balanced Cachaça to enjoy neat or mixed in cocktails.

38% ABV 70cl

Serving suggestions

Lavender & Orange Barley Smash


50ml Abelha Cachaça
40 ml Orange Barley Cordial
1 x Orange wedge
3 x Lime wedges
10 ml House made lavender infused sugar*
4 drops of The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters
20ml fresh lime


Muddle the fruit in the glass with the sugar, and add the other ingredients, stir and serve.

* Leave 3-4 fresh lavender flower buds in 2 cups of sugar for 2-3 weeks stirring regularly

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