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Pink Gin

Pink gin started out life as a seafarer’s breakfast, drank to rally a man against the wiles of the ocean, but now it’s had a modern make over by The Bitter Truth.

It begins with a Mediterranean bouquet on the nose, with juniper, lemons and warm spices. Wonderfully calm in the mouth, juniper is still at the helm but it is supported by a crew of fresh spiced flavors like liquorice, caraway and fennel which cruise to a smooth whirlpool finish. This minx is not just a common gin with a fake tan; it’s a sophisticated metro sexual in a salmon jumper.

40% ABV 70cl

Serving suggestions
The Duchess Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic


Pink Gin & Tonic


50ml The Bitter Truth – Pink Gin
Tonic Water.


Pour ingredients into a long drink glass filled with ice

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