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Jump the Gate and Break the State

Apr 10th, 2019

We all get those days – the ones in which you don’t feel like yourself? You wake up in the morning feeling like you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. This feeling can either last an hour or two or last all day. What can you do to break the state?

Here is a strategy to try the next time you just can’t shake that feeling:

Try to break the day up and focus on conquering 15 minute blocks at a time. Reward yourself with something that you like afterwards when you have completed each block. The reward doesn’t have to be something big or extreme – maybe it’s taking your dog out for a walk, making a hot cup of tea or just standing up and stretching.
If you work in the bar, take your break outside in the fresh air instead of staying inside, or try something different like getting off a tube or bus stop earlier and walk the extra stop to work.
If you are someone that works from home, try changing your surroundings and work from your local café, park or co-working space.

Rule of thumb: change things up a bit!

Have you got a strategy that helps you to break your state? If you try our suggested strategy, comment and let us know how you found it!

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