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Love Drinks Celebrates 15 Years  

Sep 15th, 2022

After launching on the cusp of the great recession in 2007, we’re delighted to announce that we officially turned 15 last month on Monday 22nd August.

Established on the 22nd August 2007 by our Founder and Head of Retail Channel Kirsty Loveday, it’s been one hell of a ride so far with so much change in consumer behaviour and significant global events, not just for our company and brands, but in the world around us too.

It’s crazy thinking back but Tony Blair was still in power, as was his mate Bush on the other side of the Atlantic, Manchester United were reigning champions with the Glazers only just recently in 2005 taking control, and Take That and Amy Winehouse were all big in the charts.

As to the drinks landscape since 2007, it’s been ever-changing with innovation through the roof and a host of seriously talented producers, distillers, bartenders and brands stepping up and helping to propel the category forward.

The craft scene made its move, first with beer and then with the boom in gin, liqueurs, cider and everything else above, below and in between. The idea of people and businesses being more sustainable has grown to amazing levels and back in 2007, not many would have picked non-alcoholic drinks and veganism as the big trends come 2022/23. You would possibly have been laughed out of the room – things change!

While it has been far from easy as a business, it’s been an enjoyable journey and we’re immensely proud of what our brands have achieved and the amazing team we have built.

We’re delighted to see more hospitality businesses invest in the mental and physical health of their employees following our pioneering LoveWell initiative in 2019 and hope that these topics continue to be high on the agenda for the hospitality industry as a whole moving forward.

We haven’t gone back on or changed our principles in any way, whatever was happening or being thrown at us and if the big boss upstairs doesn’t want us around, he’s going to have to do a lot better than a couple of recessions, BREXIT turmoil, Boris and a pandemic as we’re ready for another 15 years and beyond.

A huge thanks and best wishes to every person and business who has been part of our journey so far. Our team will be enjoying their annual extra day off today so I would like to wish you all an amazing bank holiday weekend.

Samantha Burke, Managing Director, Love Drinks






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