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Recuerdo Named Agave Producer of the Year 2022

Oct 25th, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that our superlative Recuerdo Mezcal by Mezcales Casa Armando has been awarded the 2022 Agave Producer of the Year Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) award dinner and celebration.

Sponsored by Spirits Kiosk, the iconic awards celebrate and showcase the best producers, brands, production practises and mezcals in the world.

The IWSC trophy recognised Recuerdo’s exceptional taste quality but also commended the family-run company’s innovation and commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Manuel Romano, Mezcales Casa Armando General Manager, said:

“Recuerdo Mezcal has been the number one sold Mezcal at Mexican Duty Free and one of the leading brands in Mexico for years. We are honored to have received this distinguish recognition by the IWSC. Recuerdo Mezcal is the essence of Oaxaca, its culture, and people. It’s a source of pride to Oaxaca and Mexico.”

Proudly based in Oaxaca, Mezcales Casa Armando splices traditional techniques with modern innovation to ensure they have the lowest impact on the environment. In their 27-acre estate, they meticulously grow and nurture Espadin agave from seed rather than opting for genetically identical clones.

They also work closely with small-scale growers in Oaxaca and local universities to research a variety of different agave species.

The growing business also works hard to increase biodiversity “from field to bottle” and runs its own wastewater treatment facility, rainwater collection and solar panels for energy and heating needs.

Now available in 19 countries, the company makes its Recuerdo Joven and Abocado Con Gusano mezcals by cooking their agave on river rocks over fires with the wood used coming from sustainably managed local forests.

The brand also plays a key role in the local community with its Foundation El Agave y Nosotros supporting local artists and artisans, while The Don Antonio Rivera Venegas Foundation provides basic services such as medical care, help during natural disasters and training in agronomy.


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