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Run that Marathon!*

Mar 6th, 2019

*Or do that challenge you have always thought of doing

Have you got a challenge, hobby or activity that you have wanted to do, but not done it or even tried it because you feel as though it is too much effort or that you’ll make a fool of yourself? Why not rope a friend into doing it with you?

Inspiration from a Love Drinker…

In January 2018, a dear friend of mine said she was having a case of the “F*** ‘ums” I believe this is a Northern term but translates globally?

Any who, she recognised she needed to go to the gym and train, which would improve her mood. But she also recognised that she needed something to train for otherwise she wouldn’t go. She asked me; “Do you fancy doing a half marathon perhaps?”

No way, this “hook” would tempt me join her – I hate running. In the next breath she talked about another friend who was doing; “some sort of challenge in Marrakech” my ears perked up at the thought of travel. “Oh, go on” she said, “let’s do it – if nothing else we will get a cocktail at the end” and that is how I entered back to back marathons in the Sahara!

Not only was this a “Sofa to the Sahara” challenge, but the test with any long distance event is overcoming the mind. I’m tired, bored, I hurt, I can’t do this, I want to give up, I can honestly say the power of friendship can get you through anything.

The training created some fantastic memories – days out trekking up hills in the Cheshire countryside, a marathon on the beautiful Welsh coast in 30 degree heat – what a Summer we had – just don’t mention the hills. We even had a marathon along Blackpool Promenade with a side wind of Irish Sea rain. We laughed, we cried we created lifelong memories – each day we got fitter than the previous day. Did we complete a record time? No, but we finished every single one of the 84 kilometres.

Sometimes taking a leap of faith and saying yes – it can be the best decision you will ever make!

What challenge have you been putting off?

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