March 2019 – Love Drinks

What You Eat is What You Get

It is no surprise to anyone with how conscious the world has become about image that over eating and over indulging not just effects your health but also your state of mind. It has been scientifically proven that putting unhealthy fats into your body consistently plays with your emotions not just your weight gain. Now … Continue reading “What You Eat is What You Get”


The Importance of Connecting with Others

Whether its friends, family or a well-loved pet we understand at Love Drinks the importance of connecting with others. Keeping the mind active and responsive rather than isolated develops the human mind to explore, love and create. There is no guideline to how building relationships with others matters, everyone in this world has their own … Continue reading “The Importance of Connecting with Others”


Run that Marathon!*

*Or do that challenge you have always thought of doing Have you got a challenge, hobby or activity that you have wanted to do, but not done it or even tried it because you feel as though it is too much effort or that you’ll make a fool of yourself? Why not rope a friend … Continue reading “Run that Marathon!*”