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Join us for MiBODY Fitness this Wellness Wednesday

COME AND JOIN US FOR OUR WELLNESS WEDNESDAY OUTDOOR FITNESS SESSION DEDICATED TO THE THOSE IN THE ON TRADE WITHIN THE DRINKS INDUSTRY. When: Wednesday 21th November 4-5pm Where: The Windmill Pub Carpark, Clapham Common Love Drinks have teamed up with MiBODY Fitness to bring you the ultimate outdoor fitness session in the beautiful surroundings … Continue reading “Join us for MiBODY Fitness this Wellness Wednesday”


Just Breathe

STOP Take a moment Breathe in through your nose Feel the air flow through your nostrils, filling your lungs, your rib cage rising and your diaphragm stretching Hold it for a few seconds Breathe out, again through your nose, emptying your lungs, your rib cage dropping Now close your eyes and hold your breath until you … Continue reading “Just Breathe”


Do we need sleep?

Sleep, Beautiful Sleep As a population, we are getting less sleep than ever, up to 2 hours less than we did 50 years ago. Our fast-paced, always-on lifestyle, has demonised sleep as the enemy of productivity and achievement, smartphones and digital addictions disrupt our sleep patterns like nothing else in history whilst increased consumption of … Continue reading “Do we need sleep?”


Get Your Sweat On

Always Take The Stairs! A staggeringly small number of people in Britain hit the recommended guidelines of 30 minutes of exercise 12 times a month! Only 1 in 10 of us use a gym or swimming pool and only 6% of men and 4% of women achieve the Government guidelines. This makes Britain one of … Continue reading “Get Your Sweat On”


We Are What We Eat

Every day we make countless decisions about our health and the decisions we make about what food and drink we put in our mouths are some of the most important of all. We’re living through a nutritional crisis. Over 60% of Brits are overweight and almost 1/3 are clinically obese and dietary related, non-communicable diseases, such as heart attack, diabetes and cancer, is now our biggest killer.



The Power of Nature Nature is amazing. It’s all around us everywhere and can thrive in the most remote and extreme places. Leave even the most toxic of environments, Chernobyl for example, alone for long enough and nature will reclaim them and return them to an abundance of beauty. Our bodies evolved living in nature, in … Continue reading “Nature”